Just Before It Happened Ltd is an arts organisation run by Rebekah Ford. Telling visual and audio stories, she has been working on analogue and digital projects for over 25 years including workshop creation, facilitation, mentoring and very large-scale digital projects.

Rebekah has worked for various organisations including: V&A, Royal Opera House, Royal Shakespeare Company, ENO, Tate, BBC, Southbank Centre, Penguin Books, ShiftMS, Unthinkable and NHS Digital. She is currently working on several binaural sound projects.

Projects & collaborations

Act as if the house is on fire

Included in a global reimagining of urban sounds, this cut up and processed piece was cut up from the original track from the Future Cities project to create what started to sound like a very formidable battle march. The title is based on a quote from Greta Thunberg and also refers back to the anti-smoking march of the original piece.

Neighborhood music 4/4 by Kevin L OMara is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The misfortune teller

In development and part of the pilot scheme commissions for Museum in a Box ™. Placing an object on the box using NFC technology, sound is then triggered. The Misfortune Teller will use ASMR binaural techniques to whisper neurosis and phobia affirmations into the participant's ears based on chosen cards.

Anthropomorphic taxidermy mouse fortune teller gypsy tarot cards crystal ball by brooklyntaxidermy is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Don't let go

The development of a binaural walk based on the memoirs of my grandfather in 1919. It's a walk that he took at the age of 7 with his father who suffered from severe shellshock. The aim of the walk will help the participants understand the personal aftermath of a major historical event.

95 year old hands and soul... by Sérgio Miranda is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The synesthesia complex

In development and utilising Museum In A Box ™ once more, the functionality is swapped and the objects added to the box are a description of the sound that's associated with them. Several discussions will be recorded with sound synesthetes in order to see if there's any consensus about what the sounds look like to them.

Green texture by @Doug88888 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Newsdesk of the future @ Alchemy Southbank

Part of Annette Mees' Almanac of the Future project. This workshop and game design involved engaging attendees of the Alchemy Festival at The Southbank Centre to invent news headlines created as an outcome of a card game devised by Annette and designed by me.

© Rebekah Ford

Eda Scheurer had one eye and smoked a pipe

A illustrative look into an interesting family history of an every day washerwoman who had one eye, smoked a pipe and had fights with men. The work is a box of artifacts that tell the story of this woman's life.

© Rebekah Ford

ShiftMS vsMS commission

ShiftMS commisioned 6 artists to create work based on a given medical statistic. I worked on a piece about relationship fears for the newly diagnosed. The piece was full of allegory and objects about losing your identity points in space and time.

© Rebekah Ford

Return to sender

For 24 years, I returned an A4 envelope addressed to the previous occupant of my property. By year 20, I began to vent my frustrations by ranting on the envelope then illsutrating it. I was to celebrated the quarter century by holding an art event. However, after 24 years someone finally listened and stopped sending them.

© Rebekah Ford

The four horsemen of the apocalyse

Storytelling piece about the cusp of losing innocence. The boys are completely unaware of the devastation behind them. The background references current warfare interspersed with 4 symbols of the apocalyse plus the older boy wears a bubble badge referencing Homo Bulla and the fragility of life.

© Rebekah Ford